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We absolutely love Active Camps.

We absolutely love Active Camps. They are so welcoming and take time to get to know the children, hand overs usually come with a cheery story or funny occasion that happened during the day. Kids always come out with handfuls of crafts, baking or some other creation! They have a varied and interesting time table and are thoughtful in placing children in groups they think will be best suited. Safety and hygiene are taken really seriously and we have felt safe sending both our children during Covid.


My daughter can't wait for 'holiday camp'!

My daughter really loves Oxford Active Camps - she looks forward to them for weeks in advance, and is always full of excitement at the end of the day, keen to tell me all about the fun she's had and the friends she's made. The choice of activities and the pace at which they're delivered both seem to me to be very well judged, and the staff are unfailingly enthusiastic, helpful and charming. She will certainly be returning at half term and in the summer.

Helen Scott


Will my child be safe?

What if my child doesn’t know anyone else at camp?

Do you accept Childcare Vouchers?

Where do I find more information about what to bring and where to go?